New Zealand Fulfills The Land Of Promise

screen_shot_2011-12-19_at_1.34.21_pmNew Zealand is proud that it has produced entrepreneurs with forward looking business vision and leadership with a big promise. The aptitude to generate new ideas has become a trademark of its entrepreneurs that they have challenged the norms and what are said to be impossible in the business landscape. This can-do attitude and an ability to make more from less has grown local talents in business as resourceful and resilient.

Rightfully so, as a result of a very talented workforce, the top 100 high technology companies contributed to this country a gain of $9 billion for the economy in 2015. It is an increase of almost 8% and a record growth of more than $600 million.

Backed by the government, the R&D in New Zealand is described as a collaborative environment. The science and innovation has become a pillar of country’s Business Growth Agenda. Technology as promoted in education and business alongside the natural inclination of the working class puts New Zealand at the forefront not only within its neighbors but to the world at large.

It’s a perfect scenario of the Government pushing its people but equally supporting them to go beyond what they thought they can.



Natural Resources

New Zealand has also open its land to other culture, be it the local Maoris or visitors. The option for  immigration policies with many visa categories will work well for investors, business owners and corporate managers. The Government is actively supporting this action for active investment activities to benefit many. They are not limiting the potential to become a job provider to locals.

new-zealand-map_650x400_51438800478New Zealanders have grown well exposed to cultural diversity as a result. They have coped well in adapting and welcoming the people to work for and with them.

The abundant water and arable land is another reason to do business in New Zealand. Temperate climate is present and it supports sustainable food production. A stable supply of gas and electricity is never lacking with up to 75 percent of all electricity generated coming from renewable hydro, geothermal and wind energy they were able to tap into.


Transportation And Telecom

Transport and freight is made possible by the infrastructure in New Zealand which is considered world-class by all. Across transport, logistics and telecommunications the ability of the Government to provide structures to support further development is another assurance of what the country has and will be able to build in the future. In seven urban areas are major international airlines flying through its international airports.

Regional shipping lines numbering to about 30 serve deep-water ports and provide international standards in ocean services.

Last but not the least, rails and roads are extensive and efficient in linking interisland requirements as transportation main or alternative choices for business.

Sophisticated telecommunications impress a lot of people doing business in New Zealand. Not only is the infrastructure inclusive of international broadband submarine cable systems it is likewise part of a competitive onshore mobile network.

There is the Southern Cross cable delivering almost 300 Gbit/s of bandwidth which is considered fully-protected . It serves the mainland of United States including Hawaii. Likewise, Australia and Fiji are reached by the cable service.


Money Matters

scenicBanking is secured and available. New Zealand has a Reserve Bank which watches over the entire banking system. Monetary policies are observed and maintained by the bank’s Governor. Registration and supervision of other banks is also a function of the Reserve Bank.

Bank registration receives an open door policy in the country. There are banking institutions are present along with several major trading banks. Big banks with international presence are represented in New Zealand too.

Everything is complete to do business in New Zealand. A promise fulfilled.